Characteristics of AMC brick

As a refractory material for the lining of the refining furnace, the aluminum-magnesium carbon brick fully exerts the strong slag corrosion resistance of the magnesia, the low expansion of carbon and the high thermal conductivity, and makes up for the defect of the spalling resistance of the magnesia.

The excellent performance of aluminum-magnesium carbon brick is:

  1. MgO and C have no eutectic relationship at high temperature, the melting point of carbon is above 300 ° C, and the melting point of MgO is 2800 ° C, both of which are excellent with high temperature resistance.
  2. Excellent resistance to alkaline slag erosion, MgO has strong resistance to alkaline slag and high iron slag, while graphite has a large wetting angle to slag, slag is not easy to penetrate, and metamorphic layer is thin.
  3. Al2O3 reacts with MgO in the matrix to form aluminum-magnesium spinel at high temperature. MA spinel has small elastic modulus and small thermal expansion coefficient, and can transfer secondary MF spinel in pericdrite with accompanying volume. Expansion can block the pores and inhibit further penetration of the slag.

A large amount of CaO in the slag reacts with Al2O3 to form a high-melting columnar CA6 and a small amount of CA2. At any time, the formation of minerals such as CA consumes a large amount of CaO in the slag, so that the viscosity of the slag is increased, and the slag permeability is lowered. At the same time, the spinel in the matrix can capture FeO and MnO in the slag and form a spinel solid solution, which can further improve the slag resistance of the aluminum-magnesium carbon brick. AMC bricks have a certain expansion property, and the bricks are tight and the integrity is good after use.

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Magnesia Carbon Brick
Magnesia Carbon Brick

Our products are used at the following places:

Steel ladle bottom & metal zone
Anode baking furnaces
Blast furnace hearth and etc

Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick Advantages:

High refractoriness & Good isolation ability
High corrosion resistance
Good mechanical behavior under high temperature
Good performance in thermal resistance
Alumina Magnesia carbon bricks,with high grade magnesite, corundum, spinel and graphite as raw materials, bonded by resin, are characterized by good slag resistance
Appropriate residual expansion & Low thermal conductivity

Magnesia carbon brick
Magnesia Carbon Brick

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