Coil Grout

With the Great afford of our Expertise team, we are able to Exporter, Manufacturer & Supplier of Coil Grout. Coil grout is used to coat the coils of an induction furnace.

Coil Grout Advantages:

This grout helps the working lining of the induction furnace to expand and contract without any problems. This coating of coil grout also helps in preventing any damage to the coils if they come in contact with any molten product, at very affordable price range.

What is Coil Grout?

coil grouting system can effectively grout up to 150 meters using cement or bentonite based grouts. We can mobilize and set up quickly on any project, exploration core hole abandonment, water well abandonments, cleanouts, and decommissioning projects.

How to use coil grout cement

1. Check whether the installation position of the coil is concentric with the furnace before applying the whole
2 coil daub construction, to make the grout cement embedded in the coil turns, coating thickness in 8 ~ 10mm, the surface should be smooth,
3. The slope of 300mm under the nozzle should be reduced as far as possible to avoid the gap between the hot surface material and melt leakage during use.
4. After natural drying, infrared lamps can be used as drying tools, or directly with metal crucible electric drying, shall not dry crack coating.


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