Slide Gate Mechanism

What is Slide Gate Mechanism?

We are a manufacturer and exporter of the Ladle Gate Mechanism System. We manufacture Slider with Gliders and Eccentric Clamping Device for 1QC and 2QC. We have manufactured these products using high grade Raw Material.We manufacture these products using modern machines and state of the art technology to provide the best performance, Highstrength and anti-high temperature materials.

Slide Gate Mechanism for flow control in steel making. Ladle slide gate mechanism gate composed of: housing, support, slider, springs component and cylinder bracket. Sliding gate mechanism for flow control of molten steel from laddle to tundish.
The combination of the upper and slider plate is a boundary, housing is fixed on the base of the bottom of the ladle, support is opening part, and slider is active part. Ladle nozzle and upper plate are fixed in the housing and slider plate and exchangeable nozzle are fixed in the slider, slider component can slide in the support component. A uniform and constant interfacial pressure is established through the spring component in the plate boundary. Under the working condition, support and housing are hinged together through the two hooks. Pressure is transmitted to plate boundary through the support pressure head and the slider slide bar. Driven by the hydraulic cylinder, thereby achieving the flow control.

Slide Gate Mechanism Application:

Our Ladle Slide Gate Mechanism system is ideally designed for use in foundries as well as Steel Plants. It has multiple openings which are required for foundry applications as well as pit side application in the  Billet Casting plants. This system is also used in Continuous  Casting Application. Our Quality control team uses various parameters to maintain high standards of quality. Our aim is to provide premium quality at a reasonable rate.

Why choose us?

In order to adapt to different ladle and different production environment, our company have improved the shortcomings of traditional sliding mechanism, forming a unique series of sliding mechanism and related supporting products. The main characters are small space occupied, upper and lower slide plates with bevel locking device, base with high temperature resistant steel plate welding structure, full screw-threaded coupling lower nozzle, with even and reliable locking force.


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