Green Mortar Mass

What is Green mortar mass?

There are different types of combination available in the market for differentprocesses adopted in the heavy industries. Green Mortar manufacturersuse one of the most durable combinations of ingredients to ensure highperformance and low maintenance of the kiln, chimney and furnace walls. Green Mortar suppliers keep the purity of alumina used in the mortar up to 90%. The green color is imparted by the green chrome oxide. Attemperatures as high as 1700C, the chrome oxide undergoes the process ofcalcination.
The high-grade alumina used by the Green Mortar exporters reacts withthe oxide to form a robust binder that holds the installed structure togetherfor a long time.

Green Mortar Mass Advantages:

Green mortar mass has good adhesion and high refractoriness, which is an ideal product to fill gaps in between slide gate plate and nozzle. The green mortar mass is to process the green mortar to the finished product as a mass, which is convenient for transportation and more convenient for customers to use.


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