High Alumina Cement

What is High Alumina Cement?

High Alumina Cement is manufactured by grinding the clinkers of alumina and calcareous material such as lime by fusing or sintering process. This cement is also known as calcium aluminum cement. High Alumina Cement, sometimes known as calcium aluminate cement or aluminous cement, is composed of calcium aluminates, unlike Portland cement which is composed of calcium silicates. It is manufactured from limestone or chalk and bauxite (Special clay having extremely high alumina content).

High alumina cement is a non-OPC cement, which is produced by burning and grinding the mixture of alumina and calcareous materials to obtain a very reactive and high early strength cement. High alumina cement possesses properties like high early strength, rapid hardening even at low temperature, and durability to sulphate attack.High alumina cement is the same as rapid hardening cement, which attains ultimate strength in a short period.

Refractory high alumina cement is made by grinding alumina and calcareous material such as lime through sintering or fusing. Also known as calcium aluminum cement, it is a common and popular refractory material because of its benefits and uses.

What are the advantages of High Alumina Cement?

  1. The initial setting time of this cement is more than 3.5 hours. The final setting setting time is about 5 hours. It therefore allows more time for mixing and placing operations.
  2. It can stand high temperature.
  3. It evolves great heat during setting. It is therefore not affected by frost.
  4. It resists the action of acids in a better way.
  5. It sets quickly and attains higher ultimate strength in a short period. Its strength after 1 day is about 40 N/mm2and that after 3 days  is about 50 N/mm2.
  6. Its setting action mainly depends on the chemical reactions and hence it is not necessary to grind it to fine powder.

Applications for High Aluminous Cement:

It is frequently utilized in sewer infrastructure and maritime building because of its quick hardening and strength properties.
Refractory concretes that need higher strength at very high temperatures, also use this cement.

More details aout High Alumina Cement

High Alumina Cement is an inorganic material that form a dense texture when it reacts with water and has a excellent refractory, quick hardening property and resistance to chemical attacks. This type of cement is produced by grinding clinkers formed by calcining bauxite and lime. The bauxite is an aluminium ore.


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