Light Calcined Magnesia Ball

Light Calcined Magnesia Ball Advantage and Application:

The advantage of this new material is its high MgO content as well as burned substances,which can also avoid with in furnace decomposition burning so as to save much energy. By this new means,it will do a lot good for improving the rate of scrap steel and sand melting. It is used for converter steel making,through the splashing cross to protect the furnace,which can raise the furnace life. Because slag splashing furnace protection requires appropriate viscosity and refractoriness, reasonable slag content is the key for slag splashing furnace protection. Common slag can’t be applied to slag splashing furnace protection directly, a certain amount of caustic calcined magnesia balls need to be added to adjust, meanwhile replacing the usage of dolomite, reducing the quantity of slag, increasing MgO content in slag. Because MgO is a mineral with high melting point of 2800°C, by increasing the MgO content in slag, the viscosity of slag and refractoriness will also be increased, which will make it easier for the slag combine together with the linings and form an effective slag protection layer, thus improving the service life of linings and reducing consumption.

What is Light Calcined Magnesia Ball?

Light calcined magnesia ball is made from extra light calcined magnesia and mixing with additive agent, then made into ball with ball press machine or balling pan. After added to converter final slag and the product will has reaction very  fast, thus to adjust slag content and made main content into high melting point MgO, C2S and C3S. What’s more, the product also can adjust furnace slag dynamic viscosity and high refractoriness, thus improve performance of slag-sp lashing. This product has performance of high speed reaction, adjusting slag content obviously, thus can improve converter furnace service life.

Light calcined magnesia ball is mainly used for BOF steelmaking and slag splashing to protect the BOF. The production of magnesium ball is mixed by 80% MgO powder with 20% water, then put it into a mixing mill for rolling, stirring and mixing 15 ~ 20 min to form a mixture, send people to press the ball mechanism through the belt conveyor to prepare products, and then pile up. After 48h dry and forming strength, magnesium ball is ready for sale.

The calcined magnesite is calcined and melted at different temperatures, and the main component is Magnesium Oxide calcined magnesia, heavy burned magnesia and fused magnesia. The use of light burned magnesium ball to adjust the magnesium oxide content of slag is an effective way to achieve this goal.


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