Tap Hole Brick

Tap Hole Brick Advantages:

1.Tap hole brick is characterized by good oxidation resistance
2.high strength, good corrosion resistance
3.good integrity, easy replacing and long life
4.Tap hole brick is ideal material taphole of large and medium furnace

Tap Hole Brick Benefits:

Our whole Tap Hole Brick achieve multiple people laying the furnace, improve the speed of laying, shorten the whole laying time, the Tap Hole Brick repair material reduced, and reduce the steel flow to improve the quality of molten steel, reduce the steel process temperature drop, enhance the Tap Hole Brick erosion resistance and mechanical erosion resistance.

What is Tap Hole Brick?

Tap-hole blocks is generally composed of the outlet block and sleeve brick (also called pipe brick)
Tap-hole blocks is covered outside the sleeve brick, which is used to protect the sleeve brick and support the converter brick when the sleeve brick is changed, so as to facilitate the replacement of sleeve brick. Common block brick has pre-formed good finalize the design products, also have the spot with brick directly masonry and become.

Taphole brick is made of high purity fused magnesia and large crystal magnesia, mixed with high purity flake graphite and added with special antioxidant and resin binders,usually shaped by cold isostatic presses. The Tap Hole Brick of converter is one of the most important technical indexes of steel melting, which directly affects the melting period, productivity and slag retaining,therefore affects the quality of steel.

Tap Hole Brick Application:

Tap-hole blocks have been used in many domestic and foreign steel mills, reached a very high life, customers praise. Taphole brick is molded at isostatic pressure, with fused magnesia and graphite as raw material. It is characterized by good oxidation resistance, high strength, good corrosion resistance, good integrity, easy replacing and long life and it is ideal material taphole of large and medium furnace.

In the basic oxygen steelmaking (BOF) steel is tapped through the tap-hole. It is made of MgO-C refractories and may contain metallic agents, such as aluminium, silicon, magnesium or a combination of them. There are different alternatives to improve tap hole performance during service, one of them is to improve refractory material properties according to the main stresses and another one is to optimize the design of the inner channel in order to control steel flow patron and pressure distribution to minimize turbulences.


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