Ladle Slide Gate Plate

In a range of different chemistries and bond systems, slide gate plates are available to better fit the steel grades and the slag chemistry. Unique high purity physical, chemical, and mineralogical compositions ensure high resistance to corrosion and erosion, optimum resistance to thermal shock, and optimum efficiency. According to the need for refractory requirements of core sector industries, we have a complete range of Slide Gate Plate Refractories items of all grades and shapes.

Ladle Slide Gate Plate Main Features:

High corrosion resistance
Optimum thermal shock resistance
High erosion resistance


What is ladle slide gate?

Slide Gate Refractory are used in ladle for controlling the liquid steel flow from Ladle to Tundish.
Slide gate plates are available in a number of different chemistries and bond systems to best match the grades of steel and chemistries of the slag. Specific physical, chemical and mineralogical compositions of high purity ensure high corrosion and erosion resistance, optimum thermal shock resistance to yield optimum performance. Slide Gate Plate is The most important part of the slide gate system. It directly controls the flow of molten steel coming out of the bottom pouring ladle. Long-term contact with molten steel and direct confrontation with the thermal front and the high potential of steel in causing corrosion, can cause the depreciation of this part.

Slide Gate Plate Refractories are installed on the ladle’s bottom for regulating the flow of liquid steel from Ladle to Tundish. These are special refractories and should be treated with caution.

Benefits&Features of Using Slide Gate Plate:

High density plate inserts providing excellent erosion resistance
Dimensionally accurate, with a smooth surface finish
A comprehensive range of designs available
Ability to make custom made plate insert designs

Slide gate system is one of the most important parts in continues casting of steel that use to control the flow of melt. Slide gate plates are the part of slide gate system which controls the flow rate of melt from ladle to tundish. High corrosion and erosion lead to stop the production line and leakage of melt. Therefore, these parts are designed to withstand hard work conditions such as high temperature, rapid temperature changes, high wear rate and chemical reactions. Since increasing the lifetime of these parts has a significant impact on reducing the interruptions in steel production that follows by the reduction in production costs; In ladle service, slide gate plates are exposed to sudden thermal shock, physical abrasion by molten steel, as well as physical and chemical corrosion by molten steel and slag. Therefore, these pieces must have resistance to both thermal shock and corrosion.

The main tasks of the slide gate system

Adjust the steel flow from the ladle to the tundish
Minimize the risk of steel re-oxidation
Efficient management of ladles during steel production

As mention above slide gate plate refractories is one of the most important components in Steel Making process due to their ability to control the flow of steel from ladle to tundish. Changxing Refractories Ltd. manufactures a wide selection of Slide Gate Plates, including the typical 1QC, 2QC, slide gate mechanism and other refractoyr products.

The ladle slide gate system is acritical piece of flow controlequipment in liquid steel cast-ing. The service life of the slidegate plate is a limiting factor toachieve performance and isgreatly dependent on the typeof slide gate mechanism used.A new generation slide gatesystem is the key to achievinglonger plate service life andhence higher productivity andmore economical operation. If you need any Ladle Slide Gate Plate or Slide Gate Mechanism, welcome to contact me.


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