What is Desulfurizer?

Custom-designed, lime-based desulfurizers for efficient steel refining in the ladle are engineered to provide cost effective desulfurization during and after furnace tapping. This is achieved by the immediate production of a molten slag with an increased desulfurization potential. The rapid fluidization of the entire ladle slag increases the absorption of sulfur and non-metallic inclusions throughout each stage of ladle refining. These custom-designed products are available with specified levels of metallic aluminum or silicon to improve the efficiency of the desulfurizing process. This allows the specified sulfur levels to be reached within the time required. Pre-melted mgo is also provided to generate rapid and ongoing refractory protection.

What is the Advantages of Desulfurizer?

1. Do not need extra expense of investing equipment
2. Using out furnace desulfurization in tapping course
3. Easy using, economic, effective and high desulfurization rate
4. Can be used before smelt-fast tapping- external furnace refining short flow steel-making technics
5. Used in intermediate frequency furnace

Steelmaking basically involves two consequential processes: an oxidation process performed in the furnace, followed by a reduction (refinement) process performed in the ladle.

Ladle metallurgy objectives including homogenization, vacuum degassing, deoxidation, temperature adjustment, alloying and refining (including desulfurization) are mostly performed in ladles during the secondary steelmaking process where a desired slag formation and proper slag control are key to produce a clean commercial steel.


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