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Magnesia Alumina Carbon Brick

Magnesia Alumina Carbon Brick  & Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick

What is Magnesia Alumina Carbon Brick?

Magnesia Alumina Carbon brick is made from high quality Bauxite, corundum, fused magnesia, and graphite. Magnesia Alumina Carbon brick has excellent residual expansion, low thermal conductivity, and better insulation performance than that of Magnesia-Carbon brick.

Our factory is magnesia alumina carbon brick is made from high quality bauxite, corundum and fused magnesia. The Magnesia Alumina Carbon Brick is formulated with very high purity alumina and magnesia, it is mainly used for ladle side wall and bottom. Magnesia Alumina Carbon Brick holds better anti-strip advantages than magnesia carbon brick in ladle. Our factory will design different brand, Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks according to your ladle type and molten steel type, and providing optimal performance at the lowest possible cost.
Magnesia Alumina Carbon Bricks is made from high quality bauxite, corundum and fused magnesia. It is formulated with very high purity alumina and magnesia.

Magnesia Alumina Carbon Brick Description:

Magnesium Aluminum carbon brick adopts special bauxite, corundum, fused magnesium as aggregate, and focus on strengthening the matrix, slag corrosion resistance, spalling resistance, good thermal stability etc, are widely used in ladle molten pool and refining ladle metallurgy equipment, such as aluminum and magnesium carbon brick are just the quality of the jade and super vitriol soil.Calcium magnesium carbon brick for synthesis of magnesium, calcium and high carbon flake graphite as the main raw material, with no water resin as binder through special process, and the special waterproof processing, used for wall and slag line.It could adsorb  the nonmetal impurity in liquid steel and reach the purpose of purifying molten steel during use.
In order to improve the Alumina magnesia carbon bricks oxidization, can appropriately add some Si powder, Al powder, SiC powder or silica iron powder and other additives, with resin as the binding agent, high pressure forming, after treatment of 200~300℃, it can be used without calcination. Any Interests, please feel free to contact us.

What is Alumina magnesia carbon brick?

Alumina magnesia carbon brick is using Al2O3(corundum, good quality fired bauxite, Homogenization of bauxite and andalusite), MgO(fused magnesia and sintered magnesia) and graphite as raw material, it’s with erosion resistance of liquid steel, low heat conductivity, good heat-insulating property, appropriate residual expansion and good masonry integrity. Which is a good material for ladle wall and bottom. Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks as a kind of furnace lining fire bricks are manufactured with the main raw materials of super high alumina bauxite or corundum, magnesia and flaky graphite.

Aluminum magnesium carbon fire brick has the advantages of anti-erosion, anti-flaking, balanced erosion, safe use, less slag dipped in steel, and easy unpacking. Alumina magnesia carbon fire brick for the steel ladle is mainly used for the lining of steel used in harsh conditions. Refractory alumina magnesia carbon bricks for the steel ladle used in the molten pool part and the bottom part of the continuous casting large tundish and the refining package outside the furnace.

Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks Features:

1. Alumina Magnesia carbon brick is durable enough to withstand a long period of high temperature.

2. Alumina magnesia carbon bricks can bear the crush of high temperature steel liquid without split.

3. With carbon content in alumina-magnesia-carbon brick, oxidation resistance can be greatly improved.

4.  Alumina magnesia carbon bricks have a higher thermal shock resistance than other alumina bricks.

5.  Alumina magnesia carbon bricks have a minimized residual expansion, which can result in a dense decarburized layer to prevent the slag corrosion.

Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks Advantages:

High temperature resistance
High erosion resistance
Strong spalling resistance
High residual linear expansion rate
Excellent slag erosion resistance
Strong thermal shock resistance
Little reheating linear expansion


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