EAF Cover

EAF Cover

The use of water-cooled structural forms such as water-cooled boxes, water pipes, etc. to make the electric arc furnace cover, the process technology that can significantly improve the service life of the furnace cover. The water-cooled furnace cover of the refining furnace, the water-cooled structure in the furnace cover is composed of a plurality of seamless tubes 1 closely arranged. Each steel pipe is round. The water-cooled furnace cover of the refining furnace with this structure is not easy to leak water and is convenient for maintenance.

What is EAF Cover?

Electric arc furnace cover, that is the steelmaking furnace cover, is composed of a water-cooled cover (or a refractory brick cover), an electrode sealing ring, a feeding water ring and a water-cooled reinforcement ring.

Electric furnace arrangement for producing steel (Electric Arc Furnace) be a kind of employing electric energy or oxygen, carbon dust, fuel oil etc. as the energy, adopt steel scrap, molten iron etc. as the steelmaking equipment of raw material. The prefabricated parts of the electric furnace cover are developed to prolong the service life of the electric furnace roof. There are two types: high-aluminum and corundum. The hositing mechanism of furnace roof of electric arc furnaces is comprised of two furnace cover lifting oil cylinders, two groups of sprocket wheels and chain.

What’s the benifit of EAF Cover?

Programming that is accessible and safe, owing to remote PLS
Prevention of loss of position data, even in cases of power loss, since 950MD is absolute
Non-contact 950MD
Reduced downtime and enhanced average life expectancy of 950MDs, more than triple than that of a limit switch

Several Different Types of Electric Arc Furnace Covers

1: Full brick furnace cover with independent electrode hydrosphere type
The Figure 2 is the most traditional electric arc furnace brick body cover, which is an electric arc furnace cover built with refractory bricks on the arched tire according to a certain masonry process.
On the diameter of the center circle, according to the equilateral triangle distribution, the electrode process holes are opened.
Generally, the feeding holes and the dust removal holes are opened near the furnace door or opposite the No. 2 electrode.
All process holes should be equipped with corresponding water-cooling protection rings, and each water-cooling ring structure is self-contained and does not interfere with each other.
In order to reduce the influence of the magnetic hysteresis phenomenon, the electrode water cooling ring and the electrode closed ring should also be made into an open circuit type, as shown in Figure 3.
Due to the influence of various factors, the central triangular area of the brick cover of the electric arc furnace is the weakest, and the service life of the cover is relatively low.
There is also a more serious problem: the vaulted brick furnace cover cannot withstand the pressure from the inside to the outside.
When the carbon-oxygen reaction in the oxidation period is not well controlled and a “big boil” occurs, the pressure from the inside to the outside will be very large, causing the furnace cover to be damaged and collapsed, and accidents that cause explosions often occur.
Therefore, when using this type of furnace cover, it is not only necessary to strengthen the observation of the damage in the triangular area, replace the furnace cover in time, but also strengthen the control of the oxidation intensity of molten steel, and strictly prohibit the oxidation of low-temperature ore.

2: Half-brick furnace cover with central water-cooled triangular area
Figure 4 is an improved furnace cover of the above-mentioned full-brick furnace cover, which we call the central water-cooled triangular-type half-brick furnace cover.
The biggest difference from the full brick furnace cover is that the three independent electrode water circles become a central water-cooled triangular area of an integral structure, and the electrode cover bricks made of refractory materials are added.
The central triangular area of the electric arc furnace cover is the weakest part that affects the life of the brick cover.
The central triangular area of the furnace cover is designed as a water-cooled slag structure, which improves the ability of the furnace cover triangle area to withstand high temperature radiation and vibration shock, greatly prolongs the life of the furnace cover triangle area, and thus improves the overall service life of the furnace cover.
Therefore, when choosing a furnace cover, priority should be given to quality, craftsmanship, design, etc., and then choose a suitable supplier according to budget and after-sales. After all, quality guarantees safety and productivity.


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