What is Carburant?

Carburant is high quality new materials used as reductant and recarburizer in the steel smeltingprocess. lt can be divided into wood, coal, coke, graphite recarburizer. Calcined petroleum coke isthe raw material of graphitized petroleum coke. Calcined petroleum coke. The fixed carbon contentis more than 98.5%, the content of S ranged from 0.03 to 0.05.

The use of Carburant

Carburant can greatly increase the amount of scrap steel, reduce the amount of pig iron or no pig iron. At present, most carburants are suitable for electric furnace smelting, and a few carburants with particularly fast absorption speed are used in cupola. For the feeding mode of electric furnace smelting, the carburant shall be put into the furnace together with scrap and other furnace materials. Small doses can be added on the surface of molten iron. However, it is necessary to avoid feeding large quantities of molten iron to prevent excessive oxidation, resulting in unclear carburization effect and insufficient carbon content of castings. The addition amount of carburant shall be determined according to the ratio and carbon content of other raw materials. For different types of cast iron, different types of carburants shall be selected according to needs. The characteristics of carburant itself select pure carbon containing graphitized materials to reduce excessive impurities in pig iron. The proper selection of carburant can reduce the production cost of castings.

Graphite carburizing agent

Carbon additive is an additive applied in steelmaking,It is an essential raw material in refined stell making as well as in electrode paste production.This carbon additive is made of natural graphite powder, after high temperature graphitization treatment, pressed into lumps by hydraulic press, then crushed, sieved and processed into high quality carbon additive suitable for customer use. This product melts quickly, absorbs well, promotes the precipitation of A-type graphite in castings, and effectively enhances the performance of products.

More details about Carburant

The carburant with graphitization treatment is preferred. The carburant with high-temperature graphitization treatment can change the original disordered arrangement of carbon atoms into flake arrangement, and flake graphite can become a good core of graphite nucleation, so as to promote graphitization. Therefore, we should choose the carburant after high temperature graphitization treatment. During high temperature graphitization treatment, sulfur is reduced by the escape of SO2 gas. Therefore, the sulfur content of high-quality carburant is very low, w (s) is generally less than 0.05%, and better w (s) is even less than 0.03%. At the same time, it is also an indirect index to judge whether it has been graphitized at high temperature and whether the graphitization is good. If the selected carburant is not graphitized at high temperature, the nucleation ability of graphite will be greatly reduced and the graphitization ability will be weakened. Even if the same amount of carbon can be achieved, but the result is completely different.


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