Tundish Nozzle

What is a Tundish Nozzle?

Tundish Nozzles are an integral part of Continuous Steel Casting process. These products are instrumental in controlling the flow of Molten Steel from Tundish to Continuous Casting.

Tundish Metering Nozzle Features:

oLong casting sequence time.
Controlled casting speed.
Excellent resistance to oxidation.
Prevent clogging to improve productivity.
Special compositions of nozzles as per use in the industry.
Higher life of Nozzles.

Tundish Nozzle Description:

We manufacture nozzles for tundish gate and standard casting systems. These vibrocast products must have an excellent wear resistance and can be manufactured with or without argon purging system. The addition of a metal protection gives a better mechanical resistance, granting the proper coupling with the refractory plate.

The number of melting sequences is important in choosing a Tundish nozzle. Different nozzles for single use Melting or multiple melts are produced and used. It seems necessary to use more resistant material to achieve higher sequences. Tundish Metering nozzle usually consists of an internal zirconia nozzle (insert) with an alumina-graphite outer body.

Structural principle of Tundish Nozzle:

The tundish nozzle is a combination of inner core and exterior. The inner core is made of stabilized zirconia and zircon sand, producing through molding machines and high-temperature calcination. The exterior is made of zirconium and corundum, producing through molding machines and low-temperature baking. Tundish nozzle is located at the bottom of the tundish, it’s the channel of liquid steel to flow from the tundish into the crystallizer.

Benefits of Metering Nozzles:

Long and extended casting sequence times
Controlled and stable casting speed
Resistance to oxygen lancing
Consistent re-stranding

Properties of Tundish Metering Nozzles:

Long and Extended Casting Sequence Times
Controlled and Stable Casting Speed
Resistance to Oxygen lancing
Consistent Re-stranding

Tundish Metering nozzle Characteristics: The metering nozzle is designed in such a way to provide controlled and uniform casting speed, long casting sequence time, low diameter expansion rate and resistance to oxygen stranding.
Tundish Metering nozzle Application: Zirconia Tundish Metering Nozzles are high-performance nozzles used in the continuous casting of steel billets.


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