Ladle Castable

What is Ladle Castable?

Ladle castable is a refractory raw material of aluminum and magnesium by adding a certain amount of binder made of granular and powder materials.
In order to improve the service life of ladle and reduce the consumption of refractory, ladle refractory plays an important role in the steelmaking process.

Use ladle castable that is not only lower the manufacturing cost but also cam lower workers’ labor intensity. Which is mainly performed on using agitator to conduct ladle castables during the construction process and completely takes advantage of mechanical equipment to raise labour productivity.
From the economic, labor-saving, environmental protection and other considerations, pouring construction has become an effective ladle construction methods

Ladle castable is a kind of refractory materials used for steel ladle, which is made by adding certain amount of binding agent. Ladle castable mainly adopts high alumina and silica refractory materials. Refractory ladle castables can service a long life with safety and stability, which is a relatively ideal refractory material for steel ladle application. Lable castables have good fluidity and heat insulation property, which can service under the high temperature environment with high strength. Through appropriate solidification time, ladle castables can be constructed easily, fast and conveniently for saving time. Ladle castable is suitable for high temperature position of industry kiln and permanent lining of steel ladle, and also can be used for other non-ferrous metal metallurgy.

Ladle Castable Application:

  • Steel furnaces.
  • Iron making furnaces
  • Glass kiln
  • Ceramic tunnel kiln
  • Cement kiln
  • Steel furnace

Ladle Castable Advantages:

  1. High melting point
  2. Low thermal stress
  3. Good stability
  4. Great slag-corrosion resistance
  5. High thermal stability
  6. Strong resistance to basic slag erosion
  7. Great resistance to all kinds of melt erosion


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