Tundish Impact Plate

What is Tundish Impact Plate?

Tundish impact plate formed from a refractory material for reducing the turbulence of a molten metal poured therein. The impact pad has a plurality of sidewalls, each sidewall having a plurality of spherically shaped portions. The spherically shaped portions disperse the molten metal in a variety of directions. Advantages They are characterized by good slag resistance, high hot strength and long service life. Such products can be rationally matched according to requirements by processing, service time and cleaness of molten steel. Application good thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, good erosion resistance and long service time.

The tundish, as the last refractory-lined reactor, gives enough space to remove inclusions by optimizing the flow of steel. The basic component of the tundish is the impact pad, the shape of which creates a suitable flow of steel, thus making it part of the tundish metallurgy.

What is the advantages of tundish impact plate?

The tundish dam/Weir, impact plate and impact pot are produced by our company have good impact resistance, slag resistance, high temperature strength and long service life, which can meet the requirements of different service life and clean molten steel.

More details about Tundish pre-casting parts:

Tundish pre-casting parts include slag wall, slag weir, Tundish impact plate and current regulator etc.
It applies magnesium sand, alumina, white corundum as main ingridients. Materials combines micro powder and ultra-micro powder, adding with certain amount of coagulant and dispersant, forming by pre-casting, and baking at medium temperature.It is applicable to continuous tundish. The pre- casting parts can meet with different requirements on lifespan and design requirement.
1.Unique Formulas
The formula has unique patent of invention. It has the advantages of thermal shock resistance,anti-scour, anti-erosion, wear resistance and lOnger service life.
2.Complete Customization
The shape of the product and the details of theformula can be fully customized to meet the needs of different customers.
3.Unique Design
The current regulator and slag wall are two in one and easy to install, which can reducethe labor intensity of the workers and improve the purity of the casting billet.
4.Super-high Cost Performance
Higher service life, indirectly improve the life ofthe tundish, reduce the number of cold repair and also make the casting billet more pure, reduce the cost of customers.


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