EAF Back Filler

EAF Back Filler Introduction:

Steel slag is an industrial by-product that is generated during steelmaking operations. This material represents a significant potential economic resource due to its high content in strategic metals. The continuous increase in the manufacture of steel by melting scrap in the electric arc furnace (EAF) leads to the production of a large amount of EAF slag.

In an electric arc furnace, scrap iron and/or pig iron are melted using electrical and chemical energy, and are heated until tapping temperature has been reached. The success of a steelworks is highly dependent on the frequent availability of the electric arc furnace. To facilitate this, you must choose the right refractory material.

EAF Slag Function:

EAF Slag is the by-product produced in the greatest quantity and it is functional to the production of the metal itself. In addition to its main function of absorbing deoxidizing products and impurities from molten steel, EAF slag performs other functions: it protects the electrodes and refractories in the furnace from arc irradiation, protects the molten steel from reoxidation, and acts as a thermal insulator to prevent heat dispersion into the surrounding environment. This allows to increase the thermal efficiency in EAF by controlling the heating speed of the furnace, and by maximizing the active power of the transformer improving electrical stability.


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