Covering Agent

What is Covering Agent?

Covering agent is a granulated covering agent used in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. Covering agent is ideally suited as metal insulation for steel-timing and intermediate ladles and for hot-metal transfercars. Thanks to its unique low bulk density and low thermal conductivity properties, Covering agent provides perfect melt surface insulation.

Covering Agent

Covering Agent and Fefining Flux and Covering Flux for aluminium melting casting is used for deslagging in furnace wall and furnace bottom after aluminum or aluminum alloy melting. Covering Agent and Fefining Flux and Covering Flux for aluminium melting casting is White powdery , mainly made of chloride and fluoride. Covering Agent and Fefining Flux and Covering Flux for aluminium melting casting is easy to deslag after operation.

Covering Agent Application:

Used in cover and clean treatment. It is suitable for various types of melting furnace and static furnace, crucible or reflector and transfer bag. Covering Agent contains sodium and is recommended for aluminum alloys in the presence of sodium. Covering agents are white powdery fine particles composed of chloride and fluoride salts and other compounds. The refining tank can be sprayed with gas. It can also be directly sprinkled on the surface of the metal liquid, and evenly stirred to enter the impurity separation effect. It is used to cover the aluminum and non-high magnesium-aluminum alloy strontium modified aluminum alloy in the furnace, which greatly reduces the metal loss caused by the liquid surface oxidation and reduces the oxidation burning loss. At the same time, a physical barrier is formed between the molten aluminum and the oxidizing gas in the furnace to reduce the formation of oxidized inclusions in the aluminum liquid and produce an isolation effect, which is beneficial to improve the casting quality. Meet the production of high value-added, high-tech performance aviation, transportation and other aluminum alloy precision casting.

What is the advantages of Covering Agent?

Reduction of heat loss in hot-metal transfercars;
Reduction of power consumption for steel heating;
Reduction of specific electrode consumption;
Minimization of wear of steel ladle lining;
Extension of ladle cover lifetime;
Increased conformity of metal products thanks to provision of sufficient protection from secondary oxidation, lower overheating above liquidus curve and more stable steel temperature while pouring.
Covering agent used for casting steel not only can play the heating and heat preservation effect at the same time, but also improves the heating and heat preservation effect of traditional carbon-free heating agents.

Covering Agent Function:

Generally speaking, there are three different kinds covering agent, which are ladle covering agent, tundish covering agent and hot metal ladle covering agent. The mainly function of them are same as following:

1. Molten steel insulating. This is also the mainly function for covering agent. When pouring on molten steel, which can break and spread out in a short time, and protect molten steel from air. Covering agent can make sure cooling speed of molten steel less than 0.5℃/min .
2. Molten steel purifying. Convering agent also can purify molten steel when working. It can absorb impurity in molten steel.
3. Lubrication action.It can protect billet steel from defect.

According to different furnace and different working layer of furnace, covering agent can be made into four different types, which are acid covering agent, alkalescent covering agent, neutral covering agent and double layer covering agent.

If you need covering agent and refractory products, please tell me applied furnace, ladle , tundish or hot metal ladle, except that please confirm working layer of this furnace. According to this and we can provide you exactly recommendation.


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