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Tundish Refractory

Tundish refractory

Tundish has been an indispensable refractory container in metal casting, as it is an important link between ladle and crystallizer, so it is the key point of continuos casting.
In order to help tundish work, our company developed more than ten different kinds of tundish refractory. Such as tundish coating, which is mainly prepared for steel with strick requirements of phosphorus; tundish impact plate, that used to protect tundish impacting zone from damage; tundish slag dam,and it is used to prevent slag into crystallizer, thus can improve molten steel quality; mono block stopper with strong molten steel washing erosion; submerged entry nozzle with different types; zirconium sizing nozzle mainly used for billet caster; and tundish castable, whose service life can be as high as 250 times.
All of tundish refractory have been widely used by many big steel mills such as *****Iron and Steel Co.ltd, Sichuan ***** Company , Guangxi ***** Co.ltd, and other companies that widely distribute at home and abroad.
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Tundish Refractory, Tundish Refractories Solution
Monoblock Stopper Sizing Nozzle Submerged Entry Nozzle Long Nozzle
Impact Plate Dry Vibration Mix High Alumina Castable Working Layer

Tundish Refractory, Tundish Refractories Solution Well Block Sizing Nozzle Tundish Impact Plate

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