Technical Support

A series of services that can be provided for you

Our company with a long manufacturing history since 1978, which is not only a professional manufacture but also a warmly team with professional technicians, who can provide your esteem company a series of professional service, which mainly include:

 Field installation

Our company can dispatch a professional technician to your esteem country if needed, who can provide you a directly guidance of how to install every equipment, how to used every product and so on.

 After-sale service

There are many products need to be constructed following special guidances, such as form of construction work of refractory castable and others. We can provide detail constructing method and use level of different product.

 Technical service

If your esteem company is a new one, only with drawing we can help you to design equipments you need, such as furnace, ladle and so on. With the equipment, refractory products can be provided accordingly.
Our professional technical services have been provided for many customers, which has been widely distributed in Asia, European, and Africa , such as Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Vietnam, Nigeria, Australia and so on.

Believing in us, and the whole professional services will be provided for your esteem company.

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