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Ladle refractory

Ladle is key role in casting metal, which responsible for containing , carrying , refining and casting molten steel, and our company supplies more than 15 different kinds of ladle refractory according to different usages.
Ladle refractory mainly include refractory bricks, castable, and others, all of them can be made according to your esteem requirements. There are many customers have established long cooperations with our company base on ladle applied products, such as Zhuhai **** Co;ltd,Fushan ***** Technology, Tianjin ****, and other many companies in domestic or abroad. The LRF refractory they used mainly include: Magnesia carbon brick that used for ladle slag; ladle permeable brick with different types; steel flow initiator, which can be made according to ladle weight and automatic opening rate can be more than 95%; sliding mechanism with different branches; ladle nozzle which can be divided into upper and lower nozzle; and ladle backing layer castable with high strength.
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Ladel Refractory, LRF Refractory Solution
Magnesia Carbon Brick Magnesia Carbon Brick Magnesia Alumina Carbon Brick Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick
Ladle Nozzle Well Block Ladle Nozzle Sliding Mechanism Ladle Purging Plug

LF Refractory Well Block Upper Nozzle Upper Sliding Plate Lower Sliding Plate Lower Nozzle Sliding Mechanism
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