Continuous Caster Refractory

Continuous caster refractory

In recent years, continuous casting has been the mainly metal casting style, and thus continuous caster turn to be an indispensable equipment.
According to different usage in continuous caster, continuous caster refractor material has been divided into different types. Such as coating for tundish, which is mainly prepared for steel with strick requirements of phosphorus; dry vibration mix, which is the 3rd generation high technology product following insulation board and tundish coating. Except these, there are other different continuous caster refractory, and all of them have been used by many companies such as Yunnan **** Iron and Steel in Yunnan province,Angang Group **** Special Iron in Henan province, **** Iron and Steel in Shanxi province, and other companies in South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and other countries.

Continuous Caster Refractory, Continuous Caster Refractory Solution

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