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 Differences between graphite carburant and coal quality carburant [03/14/2016]
 MgO-C brick replaces MgO-Cr2O3 brick in VOD furnace [03/11/2016]
 Classification of changxing refractory products [03/05/2016]
 Construction method of tundish dry vibration mass [02/19/2016]
 Introduction of olivine sand [02/18/2016]
 The Chinese New Year has passed and Changxing Refractory is back [02/15/2016]
 Notice: About the Chinese New Year [02/05/2016]
 Refractory Materials for EAF [02/03/2016]
 Changxing Chrome Ore Sand for Foundry Industry [02/02/2016]
 High Alumina EPS Insulating Firebrick for Ceramic Rotary Kiln [01/27/2016]
 Application of Brown Fused Alumina [01/22/2016]
 Improvement of Sintering Method for Induction Furnace [01/13/2016]
 Service Life of Working Layer for Ladle Furnace Designed by Changxing Refractory [12/29/2015]
 Open Egyptian Refractory Market with Our Best Sell Product -- Silica Ramming Mass [12/24/2015]
 Reasons of Why Furnace Built with Changxing Refractory Silica Ramming Mass can Get a Long Using Life [12/23/2015]
 How to Make Tundish Nozzle and Well Block Match with Tundish Lining [12/18/2015]
 The Development Trend of Steel Industry in China [12/11/2015]
 Refractory Materials Design for Rotary Cement Kiln -- Changxing Refractory [12/10/2015]
 Differences between Silica Ramming Mass Produced by Indian Market and Changxing Refractory [12/09/2015]
 The Best Refractories for Induction Furnace -- 25+ Heats Silica Ramming Mass [12/02/2015]
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