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The application of Induction furnace


Refers to the use of current frequency in 150-8000Hz range power supply induction furnace. Most commonly used frequency 150-2500Hz. with increase of the capacity of furnace, using the current frequency decreased. Native medium frequency induction furnace capacity from 50kg to 20t, current frequency corresponding to 2500-150Hz. medium frequency induction furnace.

This vortex also has some properties of intermediate frequency electric current, i.e., free electrons of the metal itself in the resistance of the metal flow to generate heat. For example, a piece of metal cylinder is put in if alternating current induction coil, metal cylinder without induction coil and direct contact, through the temperature of the coil itself is very low, but cylinder surface is heated to redness, even melting and the redness and melting speed just have to adjust the size and frequency of current intensity can achieve. If the cylinder is placed in the center of the coil, so the temperature of the cylinder periphery is the same, cylinder, heating and melting also did not produce harmful gases, light pollution of the environment.

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