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The main production process of modern steelmaking process


There are currently two main process routes for steelmaking, namely the converter steelmaking process and the electric arc furnace steelmaking process. The "blast furnace-hot metal pretreatment-converter-refining-continuous casting" is usually referred to as the long process, while the "scrap steel-electric arc furnace" is referred to as the long process. "Furnace-refining continuous casting" is called a short process. The short process does not require complex iron front systems and blast furnace ironmaking. Therefore, the process is simple, the investment is low, and the construction period is short. However, the short-process production scale is relatively small, the range of production varieties is relatively narrow, and the production cost is relatively high. At the same time, limited by the supply of scrap steel and direct reduced iron, most of the short-process steel production enterprises have begun to build blast furnaces and corresponding iron front systems. Electric arc furnaces use scrap + hot metal charging technology to blow oxygen to melt molten steel, which can reduce power consumption. , Shorten the smelting cycle and improve the quality of molten steel.

1. Long flow process
The production process of a steel complex centered on the oxygen converter steelmaking process. The molten iron obtained by the reduction smelting of the blast furnace is converted into the top-bottom combined oxygen converter after the molten iron pretreatment, the impurities are removed by the blowing, the molten steel is poured into the ladle, and the molten steel is purified by secondary refining (such as RH, LF, VD, etc.) Then, the molten steel is solidified and continuously cast into steel billets, and finally into steel after the rolling process.

2. Short process technology
The production process of a small steel plant centered on the electric furnace steelmaking process. The recycled steel scrap is crushed, sorted and processed, and then preheated into the electric arc furnace. The electric arc furnace uses electric energy as energy source to melt the scrap steel, remove impurities (such as phosphorus and sulfur), and then tap the steel, and then obtain it through secondary refining Qualified molten steel is then solidified and formed by continuous casting to become steel billets, and finally into steel after the rolling process.
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