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Application of magnesium compounds in firebrick products


At present, the development of refractory materials, according to the body divided into two categories, one is formalized, the other is amorphous.But no matter what shape, refractories are toward high purification, precision, densification development.With the technological progress of magnesium compound products, the purity of magnesium compound is improved, which lays a foundation for the use of alkaline refractories.

Various magnesium compounds used in the field of refractory materials, eventually in the form of magnesium oxide, various magnesium compounds sintered into magnesium oxide properties are different.Magnesium oxide, made from magnesium hydroxide, is most suitable for refractories.

Magnesium oxide is widely used in refractories with its own characteristics.Magnesium oxide melting point of 2800°C, in vacuum more than 2300°C volatile, its products in the oxidizing atmosphere using temperature control below 2200°C, in reducing atmosphere for 1700°C, in vacuum for 1600-1700°C.Magnesium oxide has low mechanical strength with a Mohs hardness of 6 and a theoretical density of 3.58g/cm?.Magnesium oxide has good electrical insulation properties.Magnesium oxide products have strong corrosion resistance to metals and alkaline solutions and can be used as metallurgical vessels.The high purity magnesium oxide crucible is suitable for melting high purity iron and its alloys.It can also contain molten alumina and aluminum salt. Thermocouple protection tubes made of magnesium oxide can be used to measure temperatures over 2000°C.
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