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What are the reasons for the corrosion of the electric furnace lining during normal use


During normal smelting, the furnace lining is in direct contact with high-temperature molten steel and molten slag, and the working conditions are very bad. The reasons for the damage of the furnace lining are as follows:

(1) Thermal spalling and high temperature chemical corrosion caused by arc radiation.
(2) The scouring effect of molten slag, molten steel and furnace gas on the furnace lining.
(3) The chemical attack of molten slag on the furnace lining.
(4) Peeling caused by temperature changes.
(5) Spalling caused by the decomposition of the mineral composition of the lining fire brick itself.
(6) The mechanical impact and erosion of the furnace lining when adding scrap steel and adding molten iron.

What are the requirements for electric furnace lining magnesia carbon bricks?

General magnesia carbon bricks are made of high-quality magnesia with high-purity graphite, silicon, silicon carbide and other additives, and pressed with phenolic resin as a binder. The basic requirements of electric furnace for magnesia carbon brick are:

(1) The thermal conductivity is low to ensure less heat loss and improve the thermal efficiency of the electric furnace;
(2) High thermal chemical and thermal physical corrosion resistance coefficient, which requires good volume stability;
(3) Slag resistance, peeling resistance, oxidation resistance and high compressive strength, so as to obtain low consumption and long life.
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