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Refractory for AC EAF


The furnace bottom refractory of ac arc was rammed with asphalt tar magnesia or brine magnesia knotwork in the early stage, and then the furnace bottom was rammed with magnesia fire brick and low-grade magnesia charcoal brick. In the 1990s, China began to use the furnace bottom magnesia calcium iron dry vibration ramming material. Metallurgical spare parts it is simple and convenient to construct, do not need to bake, after the construction, can directly steelmaking into use. The material is magnesium calcium iron series dry vibration ramming material. With its low melting point of calcium ferrite, it can be rapidly sintered to produce strength at temperature above UOO'C. It can shrink rapidly under the hydraulic pressure of molten steel, the shrinkage is up to 4%-5%, the volume density increases to more than 3.0 ycm3, it has a particularly good corrosion resistance and good use results.

The refractory material for small arc furnace wall is mainly asphalt magnesia brick, magnesia carbon brick and magnesia charging. For ultra high power electric furnace, electric furnace wall with high quality magnesia-carbon brick, especially slag line and hot spot with very high performance of high quality MgO-C Bricks, furnace wall repair is the main use of magnesium spray material. Its role is to retain heat and protect the environment to prevent dust from escaping. Metallurgical spare parts produce strong thermal shock and corrosion to the triangular area of the arc furnace cover when the arc light radiation and electrode is pulled out and inserted above 2000, and produce great thermal stress, which further promotes the peeling of the surface and lower part of the electrode hole in the triangular area, which is the main cause of the arc furnace cover failure.
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