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Production process of refractory castable material


The production process of refractory castable material mainly includes raw material calcination, raw material processing, molding material preparation, molding, blank body drying, firing, etc.

Most of the raw materials used in castables must be calcined before use. Some refractory mineral raw materials contain water, and some exist in the form of carbonate in nature. Therefore, when they are heated, they release water or remove carbon dioxide and are accompanied by a large volume change. Some castable raw materials change in crystalline form when heated, and the crystal grows, which will also be accompanied by a large volume change. In order to avoid the volume change of the castable product when heated during firing or use, which will lead to the damage of the castable masonry, these raw materials need to be heated for use. The main equipment for the calcination of castable raw materials is a shaft kiln and a rotary kiln. The shaft kiln is composed of kiln body, discharge device and ventilation equipment. The shaft kiln works according to the principle of countercurrent heat transfer. The raw material of the castable and the hot gas flow relative to each other, the raw material falls from the top, and the gas rises from the bottom. The raw material of the castable needs to go through the preheating zone, the calcination zone and the cooling zone in the shaft kiln. In the preheating zone, the raw materials are preheated by the heat of the flue gas; in the calcining zone, the castable raw materials are calcined by the heat released by the combustion of the fuel; in the cooling zone, the calcined raw materials are heated with the blowing cooling air Exchange, the raw material is cooled, and the air is heated and enters the calcining belt for combustion.
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