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Construction method of refractory gunning materials


The construction methods of refractory gunning materials mainly include dry spraying, semi-dry spraying and wet spraying:

1."Dry spraying method" refers to mixing dry powder materials that do not contain moisture in the spraying device and transporting them to the nozzle part before adding water to mix. This is the most traditional spraying construction method. However, due to the disadvantages of uneven mixing of dry powder materials, large amount of dust and material rebound, the technology of wet spraying method came into being;

2."Wet spray method" means that the dry powder material and water are mixed in the spray device first, and then transported through the piston pump to the nozzle, where compressed air and accelerator are added, and the construction can be carried out. Compared with dry spraying method, wet spraying method can effectively improve the problems of dust and gunning material adhesion rate during construction. However, this method also has its shortcomings. For example, materials mixed with water will cause blockage in the pipe during transportation, making the operation impossible to proceed smoothly;

3. "Semi-dry spraying method" improves and avoids the shortcomings of dry spraying and wet spraying. It combines the advantages of the two methods. It is a method of transporting powder with partial moisture and adding remaining moisture to the nozzle.
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