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Measures to improve the life of ladle slag line bricks


1. Optimize the refining slag system
In the refining process, light-burned dolomite is added to increase the MgO concentration in the slag, increase the alkalinity and viscosity of the slag, control the amount of slag in the converter, and reduce the FeO content in the slag. The basicity of the refined slag is controlled within the range of 4.2~5.0, the FeO content in the slag is controlled at about 0.5%, and the viscosity of the slag is adjusted at the same time. The MgO content in the slag is controlled at about 12%, which can effectively reduce the erosion of the slag on the magnesia carbon brick.

2. Improve slag line brick material
Studies have found that the higher the purity of magnesia used in magnesia-carbon bricks, the less B2O3 in impurities, and the higher the carbon-sulfur ratio, the better the corrosion resistance of the lining fire bricks. Figure 1 shows the effect of carbon content on the depth of slag line magnesia carbon brick melting loss. The main principle is that the oxidation in magnesia-carbon bricks is the oxidation of graphite in the bricks, and graphite has no wettability to slag, so magnesia-carbon bricks with high carbon content have better resistance to slag erosion.
Improve the material of the slag line magnesia carbon brick, select high-purity fused magnesia as the raw material, and control the carbon content at about 14%, which can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of the slag line.

3. Control the argon blowing system and power-on system
The LF furnace adopts an argon blowing mode that combines intelligent argon blowing and manual control. By manually controlling the intermittent stirring of the large argon gas, it promotes the heat transfer of the steel slag near the electrode, and avoids the damage of the slag temperature here to the Siji Song line magnesia carbon bricks. Sexual erosion. The VD furnace uses a staged argon control mode. At the same time, the refined energization system should be controlled. At the beginning of energization, high-voltage and low-current long-arc operation is adopted, and after the slag is completed, low-voltage, high-current submerged arc operation is used.

4. Strengthen ladle operation control system and maintenance
During the production process, it is necessary to strengthen the operation control of the ladle, strengthen the turnover of the red envelope, and reduce the excessive internal thermal stress caused by the non-continuous use of the ladle, which leads to the cracking or peeling of the magnesia carbon brick. The slag line is close to the ladle opening, and the temperature of the empty ladle is large. The production organization must be coordinated to reduce the ladle pressing rate and strengthen the baking and maintenance of the ladle.
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