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Analysis on reason of refining ladle slag zone over-erosion


1. Erosion of refined slag
The ladle undergoes LF and VD refining treatment, and is affected by arc light, vacuum and steel slag erosion, which accelerates the erosion of the slag line. Calcium oxide, silicon dioxide and other substances in the slag chemically react with the bricks, forming a slag penetration layer on the surface of the magnesia carbon brick, causing discontinuous damage to the inner lining. Both iron oxide and iron trioxide in low alkalinity slag will corrode refractory materials.

2. High temperature vacuum accelerates the damage of magnesia carbon bricks
Magnesia carbon bricks will accelerate volatilization under high temperature and vacuum. The weight loss caused by vacuum degassing reduces the strength and softness of refractory materials and accelerates the corrosion of magnesia carbon bricks.

3. In the production process, the temperature of the steel is low, and the temperature is greatly increased during refining, so that the temperature of the slag near the electrode is too high, and the slag line is just at the far ends of the permeable brick, which is a dead zone of circulation, and the slag temperature is timely without slag. Transfer, causing erosion of the slag line at the arc point.
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