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Life of EAF dry ramming mass


Under normal circumstances, the one-time life of dry ramming mass can reach more than 300 furnaces, and it can be extended to 500~600 furnaces through hot repair, and even some products on the market can reach more than 600 furnaces.

After the electric furnace bottom dry ramming mass is used for a certain period of time, due to various reasons, the electric furnace bottom will be damaged in different degrees. Therefore, the furnace lining should be repaired according to the damage of the furnace lining.

(1) Hot repair is carried out every certain period during smelting, but after each furnace steel is finished, attention must be paid to the dynamics of the bottom of the furnace, and the pit must be repaired when the depth is greater than 150mm.

(2) Before repairing, blow off the repaired surface with oxygen (immediately after the steel and slag are released) to completely remove the residual steel residue in this part.

(3) Lift in the dry ramming mass until it falls above the part to be repaired, and move the crane to make the distribution reasonable.

(4) Lift into iron blocks or other heavy objects to compact.

(5) If the furnace bottom and furnace slope are hot repaired in a large area, in order to ensure the service life after repair, shorten the number of repairs, and reduce the consumption of steel per ton of dry ramming mass, the first furnace steel after hot repair can refer to the "New Furnace Smelting Operation Requirements" "Smelt.

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