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Factors affecting refractory materials for electric furnace cover


1.Arc radiation
When the electric furnace is smelted, the arc temperature generated by the discharge of the electrode is as high as 3000 ° C or more, and the small furnace cover working face is subjected to severe melting loss.

2.Thermal shock
The arc heating, tapping and the rotation of the furnace cover to the outside of the furnace cause quenching and rapid heat, which causes the furnace cover to generate thermal stress and cause the working surface to peel off.

3. Chemical attack
The molten steel and slag are sprayed onto the working surface of the furnace cover, and some of the chemical components chemically react with the working surface and penetrate into the working surface to form a metamorphic layer.

4. Electrode spray water
The use of spray water on the electrode not only reduces the electrode consumption, but also causes the temperature around the electrode hole to decrease, thereby suppressing the high temperature melt loss to some extent. If this measure is not used, the electrode hole damage will be aggravated, mainly as reaming.

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