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The refractories trend for EAF cover


Electric furnace cover with refractory material development trend is: brick - prefabricated block - the overall pouring.

For alkaline fire brick cover, electric tile with magnets. In order to ensure the stability of the furnace cover structure and reduce the deformation and peeling of magnesia, the use of iron plaster or masonry insert iron. As the metal induced current (especially high power electric furnace cover), the formation of local overheating to non-magnetic steel fire brick, on the other hand pure magnesia brick linear expansion coefficient is too large, the amount of small.

In addition, the whole pouring the cover. The use of the overall casting furnace cover to promote the life of the furnace to further improve. After the water is cooled, the electrode is also water-cooled around the electrode, and the high-alumina ultra-low cement castable containing 3% Cr2O3 is added from the material and the stainless steel fiber is added. The furnace cover is used in the case of slightly repaired 594 furnace and service life is 4 times than before.

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