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Function of refining slag


In order to take with the problem of serious erosion of ladle lining during the desulfrization of LF refining, LF refining slag is adjusted and calcium aluminate system substituted fluorine free refining slag with fluorine. After the adjustment of the slag, the erosion conditions on ladle were improved greatly and refining number, refining ratio and remaining lining thickness after demolishing all increased substantially. The liquidity of new slag system and desulfrization effect could meet the production requirement.

Factors which would effect refractory to dissolve with slag contains as following, chemical composition and properties of slag; slag refractory component saturation concentration and the actual concentration difference; the reaction product of slag with Refractories; viscosity of slag. For steel mill with refining ladle, especially on Wall slag line, the use of magnesium aluminum carbon brick building, MgO as the main oxides, it is classified as basic refractories. The higher the alkalinity of slag, its ability to dissolve erosion weaker; dissolution erosion rate of slag refractory drank proportional to the difference between the actual concentration of a slag refractory component Cs and the actual concentration Co. Cs-Co larger Refractories in slag dissolution rate will be. The slag viscosity increases, will reduce the rate of dissolution of refractory, refractory damage weakened.

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