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Construction of converter refractories


The converter is an upright cylindrical smelting furnace that does not require an external heating source and mainly uses liquid pig iron as a refractory raw material for steel making. According to the nature of the furnace lining refractory, it is divided into two types: acid converter and alkaline converter. According to the part of the gas blown into the furnace, it is divided into a bottom blowing, a top blowing, a side blowing and a top-bottom composite blowing converter. Bottom blowing, top and bottom composite blowing converter bottom design breathable fire bricks. When laying, you need to locate the position of the ventilation bricks. The bottom blowing and side blowing blowing furnace bottoms are not designed with ventilated bricks, and the bottom of the furnace is relatively simple.

According to the bottom drawing of the converter, the production of magnesia carbon bricks for the bottom of the furnace is arranged, and each type of brick is used for production. The center brick of the bottom is processed bricks. According to the physical and chemical indicators of the design materials, the appropriate magnesia carbon bricks are selected for bonding processing. After processing, the cross reference line shall be drawn on the plane of the upper part of the center brick to provide a reference for positioning the ventilating bricks in the subsequent pre-laying and determining the position of the steel side and the steel side.

Breathable bricks need to be pre-made models. The model is generally made of wood. If the size is too small, it can be replaced by other refractory materials such as magnesia carbon brick. When processing ventilated bricks, special attention should be paid to technical indicators such as slightness, diagonal difference, and distortion. The dimensional deviation of the permeable brick directly affects the masonry of the steel mill. When making a ventilated brick mold, the dimensional tolerance should be controlled as a negative rule as much as possible. If it is a square rule, the steel factory may have a large gap around the ventilated brick.

In addition to the above refractory materials, it is also necessary to prepare sand at the bottom of the furnace (3mm-1mm), grinding tools, cutting machines, rubber hammers and other auxiliary materials.

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