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The performance advantages of high alumina refractory castables


The prefabricated furnace cover adopts assembly process, so the installation is convenient and rapid;

At the same time, due to the use of casting molding powder, the unsafe factors such as peeling off pieces or falling fire bricks are eliminated, and the installation period of the furnace cover can be significantly shortened and the production cost can be reduced.

However, high-aluminum refractory castable prefabricated furnace cover is superior to the high-aluminum brick cover, the key is the length of the thermal insulation performance.

Since the percentage of raw material quota for high-aluminum brickss has been standardized, once the kiln is fired, its physical performance parameters have been determined. Therefore, the high-aluminum brick can be considered unchangeable. The precast block casting material is mainly made of high-aluminum raw materials, and MgO, Cr2O3, ZrO2, etc. are added at the same time. The parameters such as thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient and elastic modulus of the casting material can be changed with the percentage of each component, which indicates the prefabricated furnace cover is controllable.

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