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Maintenance and repair of furnace with neutral ramming mass lining


In order to extend the life of the refractory raw material, it is necessary to maintain the erosion zone.

1. Frequently check the joint between furnace mouth and wall. Remove any possible inclusions from the joint and repair with plastic refractories(Figure 15). Check this joint every day.

2. When the furnace is cooled down, the furnace wall and the furnace floor can be repaired with coating material or repair material. This will extend the life of the refractory.

3. After repair, sinter in flames.

4. At the heat of each shift, after feeding scrape, the furnace should be preheated for 15 to 30 minutes with low power, so that the microcracks can be self-healed by heat.

5. During smelting, the steel scrap should be fed multiple times in small batches.

6. The feeding process should try to avoid rolling and splashing of molten steel. If rolling, reduce the power in time.

7. When the steel melted completely, it should be measured and sampled in time. Strictly control the temperature inside the furnace, reduce the waiting time of tapping, lower the power consumption and alloy buring.

8. Before tapping or discharging the slag, the furnace surface should be cleaned to prevent the sundries into ladle causing the molten steel to splash.

9. The speed of the tilting mechanism should be strictly controlled when tapping or discharging slag, and the furnace body should be leveled in time after tapping.

10. After each tapping, the lining should be carefully observed for cracks, spalling, severe partial erosion, etc. If there is any needs, immediately shut down the furnace to repair the lining. If the lining is found clamping steel in crack, and the lining is black after tapping, shut down the furnace in time to comprehensively determine whether the lining is repaired or demolish.

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