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Ways to improve the life of RH furnace lining


1.Different steel grades, such as ultra-low carbon steel and low carbon steel, have different refining processes and conditions, and the requirements for refractory materials of furnace lining are also different. It is recommended that steel mills concentrate different steel grades in different furnaces in order to select the appropriate refractory material according to the refined steel grade.

2.The corrosion mechanism of different parts of the RH furnace is different. Therefore, the appropriate refractory raw material should be selected according to the specific conditions of different parts during refining, and the integrated furnace should be carried out.

3.Control the refining temperature, do not exceed 1650 °C.

4.Improve the use efficiency of the RH refining furnace, increase the daily refining furnace times, shorten the intermittent time, and adopt insulation measures during the interval to reduce the temperature fluctuation in the furnace.

5.Monitor the erosion of the dip tube and perform spray repair during the rest period between the two furnaces. Increasing the life of the dip tube and reducing the number of times the dip tube is replaced can reduce the structural spalling caused by the large temperature fluctuation in the lower part of the vacuum chamber.

6.When replacing the dip tube, the lower part of the vacuum chamber, the bottom of the furnace, the throat and other parts can be sprayed and repaired immediately, or the ramming material can be filled in the throat to be repaired.

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