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Categories of taphole clay


Taphole clay can be classified as anhydrous taphole clay and hydrous taphole clay, and anhydrous taphole clay can be classified as coal tar bonded anhydrous taphole clay and resin bonded anhydrous taphole clay.

Coal tar bonded anhydrous taphole clay is tend to send out acrid black smoke, and with high benzopyrene. Resin bonded anhydrous taphole clay is a new type of environmental taphole clay, of which the benzopyrene can be less than 300ppm.

Anhydrous taphole clay is normally used in blast furnace with over 300m3 volume, quality guarantee period over 6 months, can guarantee over 200 minutes tapping, but the cost is comparatively high.

Hydrous taphole clay can be used in blast furnace with less than 300m3 volume, it has the advantage of fast construction, low cost, etc., but it can only can guarantee 30 minutes tapping, and the quality guarantee period is only 15 days after mixed with water.

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