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Matters need attention for the sintering of tundish lining


To save cost and make it easy to use, it’s better to make a fast sintering to increase the temperature in tundish to 1000-1100℃ 1 to 2 hours before it is put into use.

For slab continuous casting, normally Al-C monoblock stopper or integrated Al-C submerged entry nozzle would apply with tundish. If the sintering is too long, the strength of monoblock stopper and SEN will be lowered, if they are with bad anti oxidizing coatings, they could be oxidized, which will further lower their strength and service life.

The changing rules of the strength of aluminium carbon products during sintering is: With the increasing of sintering temperature, the strength goes down, when the temperture is between 500℃ to 600℃, it has the lowest strength. When the temperature goes up again, the strength will go up, when the temperature is 1300℃, it will go back to original level, but when the temperature rise again, the strength will go down. For this reason, it is required that the sintering should be fast to get the preset temperature asap.

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