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Application of MgO-C bricks in ladle


Currently, inhibition of steel temperature droping has become a major issue for many steel plants. Therefore, in order to suppress temperature drop of molten steel, there has a test to study insulation problem of refractory lining in 185t ladle, by comparing three different measures.

First: Reducing the heat transfer effect of sidewall castables (30% reduction). This method is by reducing coarse particles in refractory castable, increasing porosity and other measures to reduce the thermal conductivity, to suppress heat dissipation.

Second: Using insulation materials in the backlayer of wall castable. This method is to use one layer insulating bricks with less than 1W (m℃) thermal conductivity between ladle steel shell and wall castable, to inhibit heat dissipationheat.

Thrid: Reducing the heat transfer of slag line MgO-C brick heat transfer (30% reduction). This method is developed in recent years, to select lower thermal conductivity of MgO-C brick from the high thermal conductivity of magnesia carbon brick for slag line, to suppress heat dissipation.

After comparing, the results found that: only in reducing the thermal conductivity of slag line magnesia carbon bricks , the effect of suppressing steel temperature dropping is significant, up to 2℃. The durability is same or higher than ordinary ladle, less cracks, the residual condition after use is also very good.

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