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Influence of refractory materials for ladle leaking


Slide gate refractory part is a central part of the slide gate, is a key component in direct contact with the control of molten steel, its physical and chemical properties is a key factor in determining whether the normal use of the sliding gate.

1.Ladle well block is of low hot crushing strength. When using air pick to chance upper nozzle well block, the well block would be easy to breakdown. The inner diameter would get larger, and gap between well block and upper nozzle may get bigger. The molten steel would easy to get into the gaps, and leak would easy to happen.

2.Ladle well block is of weak thermal resistance. During working period, like casting and hot repair, the temperature difference would be very big, and the well block would easy to break down. If can not be found in time, molten steel would leak through the gap between upper nozzles well block and nozzle. 3.Ladle sliding gate plate is of weak erosion resistance. When doing half hole casting, the lower plate would bear higher erosion strength, and easy to appear groove. After closed the plate, molten steel would leave in the groove and get cold there, in which way the two plates can not work smoothly.

4.If the low sliding gate plate break down, gap would easy to appear when casting, and molten steel would leave through it. If terrible, the sliding gate plate would easy to break into pieces because of molten steel pressure.

5.Sliding gate plate mortar can not bear erosion well, in which way gaps would appear and cause leak. If can not be found in time, this would cause leak between upper nozzle well block and well block, upper nozzle and upper sliding gate plate.

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