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Sliding gate damage theory and meaning of conjunction


Ladle slide gate plate mainly contains two types, alumina carbon and alumina zirconium carbon. With steel production increasing and steel quality improving, calcium treatment process is applied, therefore, calcium content in the melton steel increased. Using alumina carbon and alumina zirconium carbon slide gate plate when casting steel, SiO2 and Al2O3 in the slide gate plate would mixed with Ca, CaO in the melton steel or slag and get into low-melting point materials and feldspar, which would cause damage of slide gate plates. This type low-melting point materials would be easy to crushed down by erosion, new low-melting point material would re-appear. This progress would cause the erosion heavier, in which way the ladle slide gate plate would be damaged gradually.

Conjunction of slide gate plate can reduce the number of turnover ladle,?low down?ladle serves and turnover pressure.?In addition, ladle slide gate plate conjunction can low down labor working, improve ladle lining temperature, thus low down casting temperature and bring a number of benefit for production and reducing cost.

From Year 2008, our factory succeed to develop double conjunction and from Year 2010, triple conjunction is developed. With the triple slide got into the normal production, on-site production, reduce labor intensity, the effect of reducing the cost of generation is very obvious.

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