Ladle Slide Gate

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    Ladle Slide Gate

    Made by using sintered alumina and mullite as raw material, add in some of the carbon matrix components and anti-oxidant(such as aluminum, silicon metal, SiC, B4C, Mg-B and so on), adding binder pitch or phenolic resin mixed with coal Nerishige type, fired in a reducing atmosphere to form alumina oxide carbon refractories sliding gate plate.Slide plates fired at high temperatures cover Al2O3-C based, Al2O3-ZrO2-C based and MgO-spinel based, Our company supports the customer in flow control offering a range of ladle slide gate products. We have a wide range of refractory materials for achieving consistent and reliable high performance in all areas of slide gate applications. Balanced refractory life of plates, nozzles and well blocks enables a cost-effective operation

    1. High strength,
    2. Good erosion resistance
    3. Excellent thermal shock resistance

    The products are the best choice for large and medium sized ladles and con-casting tundish. This can meet various needs of different steel grades.


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