Specific Application:Casting Powder is used in mould to avoid reoxidation of molten steel, to control heat transfer and absorb steel slag. Casting Powder is also used for metallurgy.

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    Casting Powder contains low melting constituents which instantly generate liquid slag which penetrates into the gap between the mould and the solidifying shell of the billet. Casting Powder is added in small amounts and continuously over the casting duration. The melting of the Casting Powder occurs slowly in layers. Hence, the top surface of the liquid metal in the billet / slab / bloom always remains protected from the atmosphere.

    1. Lubrication
    2. Protection of liquid steel from atmospheric oxidation
    3. Promoting required heat transfer between the mould and solidifying shell

    Traditionally Casting Powder is used for bloom and slab casting. Now designed for billet (open) casting also as an alternative to mould oil for some plants.

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