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The differences between water and waterless tapping clay


Generally speaking, there are two big classifications of tapping clay, which are water and water-less tapping clay.

The main content of water tapping clay is fire clay, refractory material, pitch and water, which is mainly applied for less than 200m3 blast furnace.

Water less tapping clay is mainly made from coke powder, refractory clay powder, pitch,high alumina bauxite, silicon carbide and so on. This kind of tapping clay is applied for more than 200m3 blast furnace.

Compared with water tapping clay, water less tapping clay has better performance. As water tapping clay with less active principle, when using the tapping clay need to add middle temperature agglutinant, which made tapping clay easy to melt. Thus the erosion resistance performance become poor, which may lead to molten steel spatter.

While water less tapping clay can reduce 25min working temperature at least when working, and also make sure stable tapping iron.

Except water and water less tapping clay, there are also resin bonded tapping clay in our factory, which is the best one for blast furnace.

If you need tapping clay, please tell us the size of your blast furnace, and we can provide you the exactly recommendation.
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