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Specifications and applications of silicon carbide deoxidizer


Silicon carbide deoxidizer is a kind of deoxidizers which mainly applied in steelmaking industry and casting industry. Due to its many advantages as deoxidizer, silicon carbide can keep welcomed in the market for many years.

Specifications of silicon carbide deoxidizer:
SiC content: Above 50-90%; Particle size: 0-100mm

1. At the melting and oxidizing phases according to the operation rules.
2. Once the thin slag formed, add silicon carbide for reduction, its quantity is decided by the actual amount of molten steel in the furnace and the furnace views conditions.
3. Speed up the reaction rate, shorten the refining time, in the meantime, it will also cause desulfurization effect.
4. The temperature is easy to adjust after adding silicon carbide deoxidizer, it will help reducing the power consumption, improving the service lifetime of furnace lining and cover.
5. Although there will be some small dust during its using, it is to reduce the amount of fluorite and reduce the fluorine concentration of toxic gases, it’s environmentally friendly.

Silicon Carbide

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